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Abbie meeting her baby sister. It is wild realizing that 3.5 years have passed since I photographed Abbies entrance into the world. So grateful for @breegimz & @gimzatron for allowing me to witness and capture these incredible moments of their family. . . . #birthphotography #torontobirthphotographer #fresh48 #torontofresh48 #fresh48photographer #torontophotographer #torontofamilyphotographer #siblings #newborn #family
I’ve been working my way through editing Sarah & Alex’s wedding, and I couldn’t help but stop for a while at this one. There is so much love, connection and softness between Alex and his mom. I love the way she looks at him, with such tenderness and pride. . . . #weddingphotographer #weddingphotography #torontoweddingphotographer #torontoweddingphotography #algonquinhighlandswedding #algonquinhighlands #torontophotographer #queerphotographer #outdoorwedding #countrywedding #love . .
BOOKING 2020 WEDDINGS NOW!! Tag a friend who is getting married in 2019/2020 and if they book a wedding package with me they will receive 10% off and YOU get a free mini session for referring them! . . . #weddingphotographer #weddingphotography #torontoweddingphotographer #torontoweddingphotography #brideandgroom #wedding #weddingportraits #documentaryweddingphotography #documentaryweddingphotographer #torontophotographer #queerweddingphotographer #meaghanpeckhamphotography
Tag a friend who is getting married in 2019/2020 and if they book a wedding package with me they will receive 10% off!! . . . #weddingphotographer #weddingphotography #torontoweddingphotographer #torontoweddingphotography #brideandgroom #wedding #weddingportraits #documentaryweddingphotography #documentaryweddingphotographer #torontophotographer #queerweddingphotographer #meaghanpeckhamphotography
Sarah and Alex’s wedding embodied their strong family values and connection with their community. They chose a venue where all of their guests could stay in cabins next to theirs (and in nature— where this couple spends all of their free time), incorporated both Québécois and English cultures, and made sure that every single person of their 100+ guest wedding felt important and appreciated. I have never been to a wedding where the wedding reflected so perfectly the values of the couple. . . . #weddingphotographer #weddingphotography #torontoweddingphotographer #torontoweddingphotography #brideandgroom #wedding #weddingportraits #documentaryweddingphotography #documentaryweddingphotographer #torontophotographer #queerweddingphotographer #meaghanpeckhamphotography
“You’ll never walk alone” - Gerry and the Pacemakers// Sarah’s family’s anthem and unifier, was this couple’s first dance song and all of these family and friends joined hands around them. The energy and presence during this first dance was nothing like I have ever witnessed or photographed. . . . #weddingphotographer #torontoweddingphotographer #torontophotographer #weddingphotography #sandylaneresorts #love #brideandgroom #rusticwedding #torontoweddingphotography #meaghanpeckhamphotography


Doula Services

Meaghan is a Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist, and Doula, who has experience working in perinatal mental health and Women’s Mental Health for the last 5 years, as well as years of experience as a birth photographer. These experiences contribute to Meaghan’s understanding of the complexities of birth, and the importance of birth and postpartum support in the prevention of perinatal and postpartum depression and anxiety, and in the promotion of attachment relationship, and the adjustment to parenthood.

Birth Doula Package $1400 (+ HST)

Package Includes:
– Complimentary meet & greet
– 2 Prenatal Visits (create birth plan, and answer all birthing questions)
– 24/7 on-call care; back up doula always on call
– Birth attendance and support (active labour, until up to 2 hours after birth)
– Breastfeeding support
– 1 Postnatal Visit (assistance with breastfeeding, assess new parents mood,
newborn norms and expectations)
– Unlimited phone, text, and email birth and postpartum support
– Add: Birth Photography (photos of baby’s arrival, newborn assessment, first
family photos) $500

Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-5Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-6
Postpartum Doula Package $600 (+ HST)

The postpartum is the most crucial period for support. It is a time of transition to a new role, potential for mental health concerns to emerge due to stress and sleep deprivation, and it is an optimal time to build attachment with baby. The role of the postpartum doula is to offer emotional and physical support to birth parent, partner (if there is one), and family.

Research shows that parents who are supported in the postpartum period have a reduction in postpartum depression and anxiety, and adjust to parenthood quickly.

Package Includes:
– 4 postpartum visits (3 hours per visit)
– Assistance with newborn care
– Breastfeeding support
– Emotional support
– Assessment of adjustment to parenthood/mental health
– Help create postpartum plan: visitors, roles and responsibilities, sleep plan
– Family adjustment strategies
– Light housework and meal preparations
– Help with developing coping strategies to soothe new baby
– Provide community resources
– Answer questions and concerns
– Unlimited text, call and email support
– Additional postpartum support $50/hour

Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-7

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