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Summer arrived quickly and fiercely in the early morning hours on Thursday December 27th. I got a call from Shantelle’s partner, Jesse, at nearly 3:00am stating that Shantelle was in labour and was going to deliver within the hour.  Within minutes I was in my car and en route to their home in Mono, just over an hour away.  When I arrived at their home, Summer had made her entry into the world just a few minutes before. These images are of the minutes after her birth, and the first interactions of Summer with her parents, and of her big brother Nash meeting her for the first time.

Thank you Shantelle, Jesse and Nash for inviting me into your birth space and allowing me to capture and bear witness to this beautiful thing called life, especially when I needed it the most. You three are incredible humans, and Summer is so lucky to have you as her family.

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