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My family and I had the pleasure to visit Cuba this past week. I experienced so much joy spending time with my two favourite people, my partner and my daughter. This week was so special because it was our first family trip together. All I need in this world are these two people, sun and the sea.

Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-2Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-3Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-4Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-5Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-7Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-8Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-9Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-10Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-11Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-12Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-13Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-14Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-15Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-16Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-17Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-18Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-19Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-20Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-21Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-22Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-23Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-24Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-25Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-26Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-27Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-28Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-29Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-30Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-31Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-32Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-33Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-34Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-35Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-36Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-37Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-38Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-39Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-40Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-41Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-42Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-43Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-44Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-45Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-46Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-47Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-48Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-49Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-50Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-51Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-52Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-53Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-54Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-55Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-56Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-57Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-58Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-59Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-60Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-61Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-62Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-63Meaghan Peckham Photography-1Meaghan Peckham Photography-2-2Meaghan Peckham Photography-2-3Meaghan Peckham Photography-2-4Meaghan Peckham Photography-2-5Meaghan Peckham Photography-2-6Meaghan Peckham Photography-2-7Meaghan Peckham Photography-2-8Meaghan Peckham Photography-2-9Meaghan Peckham Photography-3-2Meaghan Peckham Photography-3Meaghan Peckham Photography-4Meaghan Peckham Photography-5Meaghan Peckham Photography-6Meaghan Peckham Photography-7Meaghan Peckham Photography-8Meaghan Peckham Photography-9Meaghan Peckham Photography-10Meaghan Peckham Photography-11Meaghan Peckham Photography-12Meaghan Peckham Photography-13Meaghan Peckham Photography-14Meaghan Peckham Photography-15Meaghan Peckham Photography-16Meaghan Peckham Photography-17Meaghan Peckham Photography-19Meaghan Peckham Photography-20Meaghan Peckham Photography-21Meaghan Peckham Photography-22Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-64Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-65Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-67

One comment on “Cuba

  1. RyanC says:

    Love these photos ~ the analog mood and tones are amazing!


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