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Parenting is f*king hard lately, but at the end of the day, she’s worth it. #queerparents #lgbtqfamily #queerspawn #meaghanpeckhamphotography #torontophotographer #torontofamilyphotography #torontofamilyphotographer #iceland #lgbtqtravel
As a new week starts, and a million to do’s run through my mind, I’m going to hold the sound and sight of this river in mind. The water washing away my worries, and the sound soothing my soul. . . . #iceland #icelandtravel #river #torontophotographer #travelphotography #travelphotographer #queerphotographer #meaghanpeckhamphotography
I am so happy we got to visit this site in Iceland. I have admired photos from other photographers for so long. And we even got our photo captured by our budding photographer child 😊 She is honestly so good, manual focus and all! . . #lgbtqlove #lgbtq #lesbianlove #gaylove #lgbtqtravel #lgbtqphotographer #queerphotographer #iceland #meaghanpeckhamphotography
“Cause years go by, like stones under rushing waters” - @needtobreathe. I am so grateful for photographs//They transport me back in time and relive beautiful moments that last only minutes. I’m practicing slowing down, and to stop to take it all in, so when I remember it, I can recall the sounds, smells, feel, and emotion in every memory. . . . #torontophotographer #travelphotographer #lgbtqtravel #lgbtqfamily #queerfamily #torontofamilyphotography #torontofamilyphotographer #queerphotographer #iceland #icelandtravel #meaghanpeckhamphotography
My stud muffin brother-in-law @steevmaclean 😍 Fellas - he’s single 😉 . . #lgbtq #gay #gaytravel #lgbtqtravel #iceland #lgbtqfamily #lgbtqphotographer #queerphotographer #travelphotographer #meaghanpeckhamphotography #torontophotographer
My favourite people in the most dreamy place. #lgbtqfamily #queerfamily #queertravelers #lgbtqtravel #iceland #lgbtqphotographer #meaghanpeckhamphotography


My family and I had the pleasure to visit Cuba this past week. I experienced so much joy spending time with my two favourite people, my partner and my daughter. This week was so special because it was our first family trip together. All I need in this world are these two people, sun and the sea.

Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-2Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-3Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-4Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-5Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-7Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-8Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-9Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-10Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-11Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-12Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-13Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-14Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-15Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-16Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-17Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-18Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-19Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-20Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-21Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-22Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-23Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-24Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-25Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-26Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-27Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-28Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-29Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-30Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-31Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-32Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-33Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-34Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-35Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-36Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-37Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-38Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-39Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-40Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-41Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-42Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-43Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-44Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-45Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-46Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-47Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-48Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-49Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-50Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-51Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-52Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-53Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-54Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-55Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-56Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-57Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-58Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-59Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-60Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-61Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-62Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-63Meaghan Peckham Photography-1Meaghan Peckham Photography-2-2Meaghan Peckham Photography-2-3Meaghan Peckham Photography-2-4Meaghan Peckham Photography-2-5Meaghan Peckham Photography-2-6Meaghan Peckham Photography-2-7Meaghan Peckham Photography-2-8Meaghan Peckham Photography-2-9Meaghan Peckham Photography-3-2Meaghan Peckham Photography-3Meaghan Peckham Photography-4Meaghan Peckham Photography-5Meaghan Peckham Photography-6Meaghan Peckham Photography-7Meaghan Peckham Photography-8Meaghan Peckham Photography-9Meaghan Peckham Photography-10Meaghan Peckham Photography-11Meaghan Peckham Photography-12Meaghan Peckham Photography-13Meaghan Peckham Photography-14Meaghan Peckham Photography-15Meaghan Peckham Photography-16Meaghan Peckham Photography-17Meaghan Peckham Photography-19Meaghan Peckham Photography-20Meaghan Peckham Photography-21Meaghan Peckham Photography-22Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-64Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-65Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-67

One comment on “Cuba

  1. RyanC says:

    Love these photos ~ the analog mood and tones are amazing!


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