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I have known Sarah since I was 6. I didn’t know at the time that we would share a lifetime of memories, and that she would be one of the most important people in my life. We have shared every exciting, embarrassing, painful, and transformative experiences and periods of time together. For me, Sarah meeting Alex is one of those transformative times.

This session was captured a few months after Sarah and Alex met. Their connection captured here in this session reflects the connection that is present still today, over a year later. These two are one of the most beautiful couples I have met. A perfect pair. One that the stars aligned. It says a lot about a person when they can enter into a well-established community and it feels like they have been there since the beginning. That’s what I feel about Alex.

I love you guys.

Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-2Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-3Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-4Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-5Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-6Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-7Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-8Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-9Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-10Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-11Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-12Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-13Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-14Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-15Meaghan Peckham Photography-1-16Meaghan Peckham Photography-1Meaghan Peckham Photography-2-2Meaghan Peckham Photography-2-3Meaghan Peckham Photography-2

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